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Urban psychedelia – New music reviews September 2020

Гибкий Чаплинъ - ...and here is the kangaroo alt77 review

Гибкий Чаплинъ – …and here is the kangaroo 

One of the numerous great things about modern life, all nihilism aside, is the possibility of being able to access various music genres from across the world. And, as luck would have it, the deeper and weirder the listener goes, the more they are able to access an entirely new experience. 

Western listeners may find that this is the case with the group Гибкий Чаплинъ. While I have been to Ukraine many times, the band’s homeland, my lack of knowledge of the native language prohibits me from telling you exactly the city from which they stem. 

I can try and describe the sound for you, as I’ve experienced it. This is an Eastern art-rock group, theatrical and confident of their playing. “…and here is the kangaroo” moves from an oblique, repetitive main theme, to surprising changes of pace, while a wall of noise is erected around them. 

I ain’t much for globalization, but the fact that I can hear this on the internet, at my leisure, where as in the past one would have to diligently search the most obscure of record shops, is certainly not the worst thing in the world. 

Red Herring – The Brain Song

Red Herring sound like they’ve just been commissioned to write the soundtrack that would fit over the scenes depicting an old fashioned villain in a cartoon. 

Red Herring - The Brain Song

The intro to the song is tense, and quirky. “The Brain Song” continues to mold 80s styled new-wave vocals over dissonant sounding guitar chords. 

The entire single’s lyrics are an affidavit against the numerous faults of the human brain. Ironically, it’s presented by a group of musicians with, certainly, above-average intelligent quotients. 

Ok, Ok. How could I describe this to you, if you were never to click the link and hear the song? It’s as if a smug Tom Waits, joined members of Faith No More and played covers of songs written by an old English teacher.
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