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The modern Travis Bickle playlist: We Are PIGS and Rundown Kreeps reviewed by Alt77

We Are PIGS and Rundown Kreeps reviewed by Alt77

Rundown Kreeps – Spring Forward

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Emo

Similar artists: Blink 182, The Vandals, MGK, Sum 41, Less Than Jake, Green Day, Toy Dolls, Social Distortion

Rockers love pretending to be tough guys. Phil Lynott told us this and the man wrote beautiful poems for heaven’s sake. The Ramones dressed in leather jackets and presented the biggest risk to themselves. And, James Dean, the archetypical tough-guy poser, could barely see beyond the tip of his nose. 

Still, if you’re a musician that can play tunes with wild abandon and the personal charisma that can get a room full of people to lose their minds, there will hardly be anyone asking if you were the bully of your neighborhood. 

Rundown Kreeps sounds like make-believe tough guys who can play as if they’ve just finished an apprenticeship in Celtic punk and pub crawling. Spring Forward feels like a band playing in a small, rowdy, drunken room. And, that’s tough!

Find Rundown Kreeps on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and their official website.

We Are PIGS – Pulse Queen (Remix by STEF G)

Genre: Rap Metal, Post-grunge, Dubstep

Similar artists: Kayzo, Sullivan King, Delta Heavy, Dirtyphonics, SLANDER, RIOT

You might have seen one of the recent documentaries discussing Woodstock 99. You may have noticed that while those docs liberally draw a connection between U.S.A.’s present problems with what happened at that event, they seem to find one culprit to blame the violence encountered at the would-be “modern hippie festival”.

They blame Limp Bizkit or more broadly speaking the host of nu-metal bands that dominated the festival line-up. It should be noted, among other things, that at that moment nu-metal was the most successful style of music in the world, and the hippies who set up Woodstock really fancied the money and were ready to book the most popular acts available. 

But, what if nu-metal’s unashamed aggression and its boneheaded detuned guitar riffs could be usurped into something clever and even progressive? It might seem far-fetched, but We Are PIGS are on that mission. They’re driven by strong female energy. The group seems to be named after a Suede song. Their riffs are pummelling but cleverly orchestrated. And, the project, remixed here by STEF G, unashamedly marries nu-metal to a genre cut from the cloth, dubstep. The next time somebody blames Woodstock on nu-metal, go on and tell them that not every band would ask their audience to go surfing on plywood. 

Find STEF G on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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