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Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo selling thousands of demmos

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, who is currently taking a course in web programming, will selling over 2500 unreleased demos through his website. Cuomo explains that he chose to add the song bundles himself, as a way of testing his abilities. The recordings were added to a website acting as online market that was created by the songwriter.

Fans of Weezer will naturally be delighted. The demmos span decades worth of work and include both music used within the famous power-pop group, as well as personal projects.

The demmos themselves were added to the website as $9 bundles. The length of each package varies from 82 minutes to nearly 39 hours. They offer a fascinating view into the creative thinking of one of modern rock’s most celebrated writers.

Cuomo also chose to include a disclaimer stating that the quality of the demos will vary. Some may include silences or “super low sound quality” according to the singer. He also asks that the fans do not share the recordings online. Fans are also asked to message the website if they should run into any issues.

Cuomo and Weezer made a name for themselves during the early 1990s. They were heralded as one of the most creative groups to achieve mainstream success during their period. They continue to be active today and have sold over 10 millions records worldwide.

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