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White Walls – Starfish Crown (Review)

White Walls - Starfish Crown

White Walls, Romanian upstars, sound as if a drama student tricked a metal band into letting him join the group and flesh out their songwriting. It’s art metal of a djenty variety, as can be observed by their single “Starfish Crown”, and, especially, by the elaborate video accompanying the tune.

Instrumentally, this is a band that hasn’t wasted their rehearsal time. They’re a proggresive rock band that prioritizes rhythmic devices over endless leads. They do require a bit of concentration from their audiences, with fireworks going off at every turn, but for fans of metal histrionics, it may prove beneficial. 

Like all self respecting prog-metal tunes, even those of the djenty persuasion, “Starfish Crown” features a few mini-suites, a lyrics sheet ideally designed for the gatefold album version, and plenty of drama. It’s modern art-metal. 

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