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Winter Harvest – The Angel of the Coffee Shop (Review)

Winter Harvest - The Angel of the Coffee Shop

It’s not long ago that the songwriters which the music press deemed to be the best, told stories through the songs they wrote on their own, and, most likely, carried their guitar and a notepad of their own poetry everywhere they went. That’s at least what you assume people like Neil Young, or Leonard Cohen did. 

Those were also singer-songwriters that, at the peak of their commercial appeal, managed to have genuine hits on the charts. The pop hitmakers of the current age work in packs, generally reduce language to its most banal elements and have pushed the guitar-poets to the periphery of the music industry. 

Winter Harvest Is a project indebted to the songwriters of old. “The Angel of the Coffee Shop” is a detailed vignette turned folk song. It’s told with conviction by a world-worn voice and shimmering acoustic guitars. 

In a world where producers replace the world’s pop stars at their leisure, Winter Harvest provides an earnest voice. 

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