Wrong place, right time: Fat White Family

Fat White Family

It was David Letterman’s last season of late night. So, he must have thought to himself he might as well enjoy it. After all he’d suffered through having to promote many terrible bands, actors and celebrities for many years. There was a feeling that anything went. It was this spirit that facilitated “the network television debut” of the brilliantly depraved Fat White Family.

In an era where soft rock and pop dominate radio and festival bills, Fat White Family sticks out like a sore thumb. A sore, infected thumb, that’s turned green and yellow and might have to be chopped off. FWF specialize in shock tactics. And they come across as all the more shocking given the general mood in music.

On that night David Letterman and his audience got a glimpse of the brilliance of the London band. It must have left many at home wondering which band had to cancel and how did this band get to be last minute replacement. It was a moment that could have happened either by a blatant ignorance of the show’s booking or as a last gasp of rebellion from the show’s host. Either way, turns out it was great.


Author: Eduard Banulescu

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