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All giggles no smiles: Капитан Ненавидит Море and Gorky review

Капитан Ненавидит Море and Gorky review

Gorky – Super Drunk

Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge, Glam / Hair Metal

Similar artists: Weezer, The Strokes, Oasis

Gorky attempt to make rock music stupid again, and in doing so say something awfully smart about the world with their single Super Drunk.

Grunge did great things to rock, but it also made rockstars into wilting flowers. Not everything should be fun, but it could be noteworthy and entertaining. 

The aftermath of grunge gave us neither. Some took the dynamics of the genre, created pummelling, sexist, bland music that got them on the charts. Most of the others turned their therapy sessions into predictable, but friendly tunes. 

Gorky on Super Drunk sound like everything that grunge feared might happen. They present themselves like an alt-rock band with posters of Motley Crue covering the van walls. 

It’s all a parody we’re told, and we tend to believe Gorky. It’s an intriguing listening and viewing experience which, naturally, begs a question. If this is bad, why is everything that’s supposed to be good for us just so boring nowadays? You’d have to ask Chris Martin. 

Капитан Ненавидит Море (Kapitan Nenavidit More) – М

Genre: Post-Punk

Капитан Ненавидит Море make the sleepy industrial towns breathe on the single M.

Black Sabbath sought to turn the sound of the factories they were hoping to avoid into music. People liked it! The band earned many imitators. But, the sound of factories was abandoned by these followers in favour of tunes about castles, witches, and unicorns. 

Капитан Ненавидит Море, let me tell you, sounds like a slowly dying factory. I know because it’s impossible not to encounter on travels through Eastern Europe. These colossi, however, in most parts aren’t to be threatened anymore, but rather mourned. These factories that ultimately held the lives and dreams of millions are dying away. 

Капитан Ненавидит Море capture just that sound on their single М. It’s not a sound that they seem to have arrived at by accident. It’s not a sound that seems to have been revealed to Kapitan Nenavidit More without some form of sacrifice. This is music that sounds as inevitable as the sound of giant metal hammers crashing into each other rhythmically. Капитан Ненавидит Море capture history. 

Gorky - Super Drunk


Капитан Ненавидит Море (Kapitan Nenavidit More) - М




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