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5 times Elton John went alternative rock

Elton John Queens of the Stone Age - alternative rock

Takes talent to recognize talent. Elton John, the Rocketman as new biography movie has him referred to as, has always had an ear for recognizing great music. Whether it is soft folk music, edgy gansta rap, or angry alternative rock, sir Elton is a man with a very diverse taste in music.

Here are five of the moments where Elton John has courted with alternative rock.

1.Collaborating with Queens of the Stone Age

QOTSA was the comeback record that pulled all the stops. The record had ambitious songs, past members making a comeback, and even Elton John accepting to collaborate with the alternative metal outfit. Sir Elton player played piano and sang backing vocals calling this one of the bext experiences of his life. Not too shabby for the man who once sold 5% of all the records sold throughout the world.

2. Playing on an Alice in Chains record

I can attest from personal experience that it is hard to find rock musicians who do not like Elton John. Sure, his music is generally famous for piano ballads and rousing flamboyant up-tempo numbers. But, Jerry Cantrell was one of many who had been influenced by the great singer-songwriter. Cantrell was shocked to secure Elton John’s collaboration on Black gives way to blue a song and album dedicated to former AIC singer, Layne Staley. Band members described Elton as being humble and willing to work in order to get a great performance.

3. Elton John stage bombs Iggy Pop and the Stooges

Iggy Pop had many admirers in the music industry, in the early days, despite relative commercial indifference. Elton John was one of those admirers. The Brit even campaigned to have the Stooges signed to his own label, Rocket Record Company.

Iggy Pop and Elton John Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Elton expressed his friendship by staging a prank for the Stooges in 1973. The band was due to play the Richard’s Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Elton John was due to disguise himself in an ape suit and jump on stage. By most accounts, he did just this. The gesture was lost on Iggy who at the time is said to have been shot full of methamphetamine sulphate. Iggy Pop later commented on the singer’s action, saying Elton is a swell guy. 

4. Elton covers Nick Drake

There are few more important cult songwriters as Nick Drake. The late singer has inspired countless alternative rock acts from The National to Sparklehorse. Elton John has done his share of keeping his memory alive, by covering some of his songs for a 1968 recording session, once more proving his almost flawless taste.

5. Featuring on a song by Brian Wilson

Alternative rock music was never the same after the Beach Boys. Their fingerprints are all over modern pop, dream pop, clever indie. Brian Wilson was the architect of that sound and greatly influenced Elton John. The Rocketman singer later collaborated with Brian Wilson on a solo record of his and even appeared live with the enigmatic songwriter.

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