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Great height: 51 Grados and Hamish Anderson review

51 Grados and Hamish Anderson review

Hamish Anderson – Everything Starts Again

Genre: Classic Rock

Similar artists: Badfinger, Pete Townshend, Gary Clark Jr. 

Some of rock’s most enduring myths involve albums that cost fortunes to make, that nearly broke bands apart, and that resulted in overblown, ego-driven works of genius. 

Listening to Tusk the whole way through is fun and all, but what about the ones that just seemed to make great music as if songs poured out of them. Not enough is said about The Beatles, or their disciples, Badfinger, whose ability to summon beautiful melodies and chord progressions from, seemingly, a place far away made them exceptional bands of which to keep track. 

Hamish Anderson’s music sounds a lot like that on Everything Starts Again. This is a light, pop-centric tune for sure. But, it is one that seems to have arrived to the songwriter without much effort at all. There won’t be stories written about Hamish Anderson’s struggles, because there aren’t any to write about. 

51 Grados – El Transito

Genre: Alternative Rock, Classic rock

Similar artists: Foo Fighters, Oasis

51 Grados deal with life’s more serious issues through the vehicle of classic rock on El Transito.

Rock music isn’t everyone’s preferred style of music. That’s no secret. The fact that it once held the top position in people’s affection across the world is rather amazing. It is this way, especially, considering rockers’ tendency to serve their own desires and dreams, sometimes at the expense of those of the audience. 

And, when making concessions, these must also be done with a lot of care and attention to detail. Try and guess exactly what your audience wants and you run the risk of turning them away. Ignore their needs altogether, and you risk the same thing. 

51 Grados look to mediate the conflict on their single El Transito. The band adopts a smooth, classic rock approach for this song. The tune features an impressive emotional pinnacle meant to work alongside the philosophical questions that are also inquired through the video. 51 Grados may offer what they think their audience needs, but they’re asking some hard questions along the way as well. 

Hamish Anderson - Everything Starts Again


51 Grados - El Transito




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