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90s callback: Clan Canyon and Las Venus Electric reviewed

Clan Canyon and Las Venus Electric reviewed

Las Venus Electric – Heaven is All Around

Genre: 90s Rock, Alternative Rock

Most people don’t know when they should be happy, or when they should be sad. They, preferably, need to be told. It makes things so much easier. Similarly, various behaviours have been viewed by societies as atrocities, or normal depending on trends, and those with the higher ability to manipulate information acted. 

War, for example, has been viewed as an absolutely normal part of life throughout most of history. There were rarely any complaints about the people being hurt, about the lives being lost, about the fortune that rarely had any connection to the people fighting the wars. The current situation with which the world is dealing is much the same. People need to be told, by those who they decide to trust, what they should believe. 

Las Venus Electric’s Heaven is All Around is the sound of confusion that is blasting throughout the world. People love a good disagreement, don’t they? It’s one of the many things keeping people from truly uniting. Heaven is All Around offers pummeling walls of guitar noises as arguments and preacher-like vocal delivery that sounds like someone finally sentencing the world to an existence without a True North. 

Clan Canyon – Retrograde

Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

The various styles of psychedelic music are much like the chemical refreshments that have inspired most of these sounds. They depend on the quantity and the purity being used, and it tends to have weird side effects on certain individuals. Some rave about having tea with God. Others end up in the nuthouse. 

Of all the varieties that have stuck around the longest, two of these are most prominent. There’s psychedelic rock that encourages lysergic mind expansion characterized by long, meandering musical motifs. Then there’s music where psychedelic is merely added for its aroma. This is the place where grooves and clever clothes are prized more than wide-eyed delusions about the world. 

Clan Canyon’s  Retrograde seems to be made by folks belonging to the second category, citizens who pay their taxes, like their eccentric attire, and would enjoy nothing more than seeing their audience engage in uninhibited dance moves. The tune is a complex layering of patterns that seem to belong to an era where Mancunian bands were presenting a reinvention of the discotheque. This is music for the wide-eyed exploration of the night and everything it has to offer. 

Las Venus Electric - Heaven is All Around


Clan Canyon - Retrograde




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