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90’s alt-rock revival – New music releases – June 2020

Alexander Mountain - We Fall Down

The 90’s alternative scene produced some of the finest rock music released in recent decades. It’s also provided a template for countless artists active today. Here are some of the songs we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing lately.

Swimsuit Issue – The end

Swimsuit Issue follows in the deep footsteps of other great alt-rockers to have come out of Australia. Their sound is dark and oozing like a New York City busted drain-pipe on a hot summer’s day.

The song never really ends so much as dives into a jazz club away from prying eyes.

The Nerval – I Knew

It’s interesting when you hear a new band and can pinpoint their geographic location without worries of being wrong. The Nerval are American, of course. They sound like a band with a hefty 90’s alternative rock fetish, but they make all the right moves on their way to the song’s 3-minute finish line.

Single to be released on August 31, 2020

The Nerval - I Knew
alternative rock

Alexander Mountain – We Fall Down

The 90’s rock scene was imbued with numerous great vocal styles. From the operatic singing of Mike Patton (Faith No More) to Layne Staley’s (Alice in Chains) nasally screams, to the yarling of Creed and Collective Soul.

Alexander Mountain leans towards the latter. Here, they provide an emotional acoustic closer to a conceivable, future MTV Unplugged set.
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