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Blackout rock: A Mammoth Task and Skofja review

A Mammoth Task and Skofja review

Skofja – gogetterbackstabber

Similar artists: Biffy Clyro, Kapitan Korsakov, Steak Number Eight

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

What Spotify understood was that most people listen to music based on moods. Few will play polka, folk, and reggae songs within the same short period of time. People want to be happy with their music. Or, they want to be sad with their music. Not at the same time, though. 

This is why they focused on playlists and modern mixtapes. This wasn’t a new invention, naturally. But, the company’s particular focus changed the music industry. 

It also showed that people demand emotion from their music. It’s not one kind of emotion that they prefer. But it needs to pull on the heartstrings. It needs to hit them directly and leaves no questions unanswered. 

Skofja’s gogetterbackstabber sounds like the work of a band that has often considered their own live shows. This is a tune created for maximum impact when played in front of a group of alt-rock fans. It’s a song built on powerful dynamics, light but intricate parts, and righteous anger. It’s alternative rock reverse engineering. 

A Mammoth Task – Vlady Killer

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Math Rock

Similar artists: Nomeansno, Paper Mice, Tera Melos, Descendents, Mr. Bungle

Most serious musicians want to confuse their audiences. They all want to be yelled at and called Judas. They all want to confound the expectations of those who love them most. 

To do that, however, they first have to be liked. Or, they need to be hated. This is not very important. What is important, however, is that they get noticed. Confusing the expectations of fans of pop radio isn’t the smartest thing. Here’s a group that will swiftly turn on anyone not delivering sweet jingles. 

There is, and always has been, an audience for weird rock music, though. They wear it like a badge of honor. They tell their friends. Of course, they attend shows and buy merch. And, they enjoy music more, the stranger it is. 

A Mammoth Task’s Vlady Killer caters to an audience that’s long given up on rock music that’s played straight. This is for fans of jagged strong constructions and strange time signatures. It’s for fans of bizarre horror b-movies. It’s for those waiting for a new musical project by Mike Patton. This is bizarre-prog, pure, and true. 

Skofja - gogetterbackstabber


A Mammoth Task - Vlady Killer




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