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Pleasant escapades: Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves and Shy Harry review

Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves and Shy Harry review

Shy Harry – Do You Right

Genre: Alternative Rock

Shy Harry channels classic rock radio with the recent single Do You Right.

People who’ve invested a great deal of money or time in record collections are a strange bunch. They pour most of their energy into an interesting, albeit archaic hobby. They don’t expect their hobby to produce money for them. And, they treat the records with the same care they’d offer members of their own family. 

This is all quite nice, actually. But, there are less agreeable traits as well. One of them is their insistence on treating the music played outside of their personal record player as inferior. Whoever hasn’t enjoyed the simple thrill of rock radio has sorely been missing out! 

There are certain characteristics a song needs to have to get on rock radio. Big riffs, bombastic vocals, sharp drums. These are all things that Shy Harry’s Do You Right managed to hit upon. It’s classic rock with a sprinkling of alternative tactics. It’s hard not to feel your heart tremble when you hear this. 

Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves – Whimsical-Hysterical-Suburban

Genre: Americana

Similar artists: Tyler Childers, Dr. Dog, Kurt Vile, The Band, Neil Young

Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves chase their dreams down long, winding roads that are bound to take them far from home on their latest single. 

For many artists, the greatest challenge of their lives is escaping the circumstances in which they were born. Yes, for many this involves poverty and threats of various kinds. 

For others, it’s not quite as Dickensian and dirty or glamorous. Many of the greatest artists did their very best to escape the mundane world of the quiet life of the city, or of suburbia. While their lives were on track to somewhere, most of them felt the need to change destinations as quickly as they could. 

Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves’ Whimsical-Hysterical-Suburban sounds like a song born out of those worries. Doesn’t the title give it away? It’s a beautiful singalong tune that feels like a desperate cry against the stifling powers of a quiet existence. Besides, if you like pretty, cascading singing, you won’t be disappointed here. 

Shy Harry - Do You Right


Aaron Ross and The Peach Leaves - Whimsical-Hysterical-Suburb




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