Alt77 was created by Eduard Banulescu as a way of honoring his most loyal companion, alternative music.

Eduard Banulescu playing guitar on the beach

Eduard is a writer and musician. As a singer and guitarist, he has been involved in the alternative music world for many years. He’s recorded albums, EPs, and singles as a solo performer, to as a member of a band. As a writer he’s collaborated with numerous websites and publications, and continuous to do so until the present day. He has written a book about Nirvana’s album Nevermind, runs a podcast, and is currently working on a novel.

The goal of the has always been that of reporting on alternative music, classic or modern, through analysis, reviews, interviews.

Over time, Alt77 has developed to include a podcast, playlists, opinion pieces, features, etc. Given the wonderful interactions we have had with musicians and music fans, especially in recent times, it has been decided to further work on plans to create more content and enhance the popularity of the Alt77 brand.

While it is true that from a musical standpoint alternative is a blanket term, uses its most widely circulated definition music that does not necessarily fit into the constraints of modern mainstream music.

Alt77 tends to focus its reporting energies on styles such as punk rock, garage, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, synthwave, indie-folk, metal, ska, jazz-rock fusion, and anything that is just left of the centre of modern commercial music.

More than anything, Alt77 is on a mission to fill a void.

We feel that alternative music is rarely represented in media. This lack of interest negatively impacts many of the artists we love. In our way, we wish to help create new connections between the art and the fans.