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Taken away: Absinthe Vows and Old Man Metaphor review

Absinthe Vows and Old Man Metaphor review

Old Man Metaphor – Insidious Masochist

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Alice in Chains, Days of the New

Old Man Metaphor returns acoustic rock to its darker side on the single Insidious Masochist.

Grunge bands were arguably part of one of the last, highly influential rock movements. Still, their importance cannot be divorced from the subject matter of a lot of their songs. To many, they were the bands that wrote songs about drugs. 

So what? Drugs exist, and they do swallow plenty of lives. That feels like reason enough to talk about it. How better than through the powerful medium of rock music? Besides, for all of those willing to dig deeper, the artists labelled as “grunge” offered their fans a healthy, precious wealth of varied material. 

Old Man Metaphor returns to the scene of the crime, to the acoustic-based alternative music that was highly popular in the 1990s. Insidious Masochist touches unabashedly on the topic of addiction. It’s tortured music treated with the deserve it respects. Old Man Metaphor, the duo from Albany in Western Australia, is ready to do the heavy lifting in terms of writing and orchestration. 

Absinthe Vows – In The Fray It Wouldn’t Factor

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic / Dark Wave

Similar artists: Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Iggy Pop 

Absinthe Vows look back to post-punk’s original credo for the single In The Fray It Wouldn’t Factor.

Every culture has created some form of drone music. Some have had since the earliest days, and others have only come up with recently. In some places, it serves almost a religious purpose. In the Western world, it helps to represent the endless hum of the world as it zips past us. 

From its inception, this was the direction that heavy rock music was always going to travel down. Heavy metal, to some, was the translation of the non-stop clanking of factory equipment. Punk music was the noise of streets overspilling with dissatisfaction. Goth and post-punk understood this and offered it as a mantra. 

Absinthe Vows mine the original post-punk and goth bands for inspiration on In The Fray It Wouldn’t Factor. Absinthe Vows aren’t so much looking to stand out, as lure audiences into their world. Their music is built on a rumble and drone that is both uncomfortable and soothing on the ears. 

Old Man Metaphor - Insidious Masochist


Absinthe Vows - In The Fray It Wouldn't Factor




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