Accidental Caps – Into the Sky (Review)

Accidental Caps - Into the Sky

Accidental Caps here sound like they are time-travelling to the tail-end of the grunge movement. It was right before established music critics began being comfortable with using the umbrella term of “alternative rock”.

Some of the groups that snuck into those final years of rock dominating the airwaves took their cues from sugary-psychedelic rock that had filled stadiums two decades previous. Groups like the Toadies or Spacehog warmed themselves to rock-aficionados, yet affirmed themselves as “one-hit wonders” to the rest of the record-buying public. 

Here’s where “Into the sky” comes in, a single cut from a similar cloth to the aforementioned groups. The vocals, especially, tread on glammy, pompous, yet melodic territory. The instrumentation provides the “alt-rock” background yet steers clear of the melodies. The chorus nearly fools us into thinking its Faith No More looking to shake off some of their undesired 90s fanbase. 

Overall, here’s a soft bulletin of pleasant alt-rock delivered with gusto. 

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