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Grab your leather jacket: After London and Bang Bang Jet Away reviews

After London and Bang Bang Jet Away reviews

Bang Bang Jet Away – Devil Take The World Away

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock

In Play it again, Sam, Woody Allen converses with a made-up Humphrey Bogart as he looks for advice and occasionally complains that it’s easy for Bogart to make those kinds of suggestions. We all try and measure ourselves by our heroes. And while this may be the kind of thing to help us reach our goals faster, it is also a deceiving path. 

I’m sorry to let you know that most of the coolest rockstars aren’t really that detached from their problems in real life as they appear on our screens. But, we’re not merely paying for the tunes. We’re also there to watch them behave in a secure way that is supposed to make us courageous as well. 

If that’s your game, feel free to use Bang Bang Jet Away’s street-smart Devil Take The World Away as your queue for bravery. The song is led by the kind of vocals that Julian Casablancas might have recorded after first learning of Lou Reed. It’s a clever tune, a detached performance, and the kind of band that you can’t imagine performing in other attire than The Fonz’s leather jacket. It’s street slang for kids that need to dream of different worlds from their own. 

After London – Hurricane

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Projector

The reason why making punk rock that sounds as ground-breaking as the original hosts of bands did is primarily that musicians and fans have heard too much music. You see, back in the 70s, there was still a sense that rock music had to be saved from the people that wanted nothing else but to sell it as a commodity. Now, this kind of discussion is irrelevant. 

Of course, the fact that music from all eras is so readily available does present other advantages. For one thing, it lets bands know the rules and understand the lines outside of which they have to color. Practically, everything in modern pop music is a direct quote of something. It is just up to the writers to find the right places from which to take direction. 

We’ve covered After London before, and in the time since then, the band has just developed its knack for quoting the history of indie-rock back to a world in need of some relief. Hurricane is a tense tune that borrows a lot from post-punk in verse before hitting its anthem conclusion with the chorus. Clearly, After London knows where the lines are drawn, and, certainly, they have no trouble with letting their music color outside of those. 

Bang Bang Jet Away - Devil Take The World Away


After London - Hurricane




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