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AG3 and Survival Guide Reviewed

AG3 and Survival Guide Reviewed

AG3 – Enjoy

Similar artists: Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch, Motorpsycho, High On Fire, The Gutter Twins

Genre: Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock

What would be the musical element that best defines the long, murky history of rock n’ roll? It’s not a singer hitting an impossibly high note, although that can be an iconic moment. It’s not a perfect chord progression, although that is nice. It’s likely not the rhythm section finding a way to play in perfect unison and making the audience move uncontrollably. 

No, that element is the guitar riff. One great guitar riff can help create an entire career. One great guitar riff can make an audience of thousands want to chant it in unison. But the market for these kinds of musical marvels has decreased in recent years to the point where guitar riffs are almost fully missing from the pop charts. 

AG3, on their single “Enjoy” show that they believe still in the monstrous, barbaric power of the holy guitar riff. Hear the six-string construction is treated like a thing meant to be worshipped and feared. The song, like many in the Scandi-rock style, also deals in colourful comedy-horror elements. And while it is hard to take all of this completely seriously, AG3 may just be the merry skeleton biker gang playing rock music of your childhood dreams coming to life. 

Survival Guide – Sour Sorrow

Similar artists: Metric, Silversun Pickups, Tegan and Sara, The Sounds

Genre: Indietronica, Alternative Rock

People’s lives are composed of daily, small victories over the things from their past that just will not let them go. The ones who are most successful at the game of life are the ones who also have a knack for successfully dealing with the woes of yesterday. However, there are only a few that actually tackle their sorrows head-on. 

It’s almost a given that the further you will advance through life, the more sadness you will accumulate. One of the few ways to attempt to tackle these issues, at least without the help of a professional therapist, is through the almost Godly gift of music. But bands are just like people. They also hide from touchy subjects. The ones that can approach them directly have a true gift. 

Survival Guide’s “Sour Sorrow” is an emotional, dramatic post-breakup song that recalls the alt-rock singles of the 1990s. It is a song looking to open up the wounds of yesterday and to use that anger to broadcast a message of understanding to all the ones who may be reliving their own yesterday. Sometimes, modern music works best when it speaks to the heart about matters that the mind would rather just hide away. 

AG3 - Enjoy


Survival Guide - Sour Sorrow




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