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Age of deconstruction – Post Punk review – August 2020

Summertime Lawn Age of deconstruction - Post Punk review - August 2020

Lawn – Summertime Lawn sound as if they’ve had to study rock music in college for four years and hated it.

They’re now stuck with being the smartest lads in the room, though that offers little consolation.

Summertime is a confrontational short-story recited over an angular post-punk riff. Here’s one of the best songwriting duos you’ve likely to have heard in a long time!

Find Lawn on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Beltalowda – One Of The Hundred Post-punk does not merely look to deconstruct rock music, but also to focus the camera eye on the small, unpleasant details.

In the case of Beltalowda’s One of the hundred, the unpleasant detail being discussed is the pesky inconvenience of dying in a terrible, mass-spreading disease. The impenetrable guitar lines and metronome-like drums tread through relentlessly while the aching the vocals spin the yarn.

Here’s a tune about merely being a dot on a statistic, and it’s as harsh as you would expect it to be.

Find Beltalowda on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer and BandCamp.

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