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Moody queues: alberta and the dead & An Hour a Minute reviewed

alberta and the dead & An Hour a Minute reviewed

An Hour a Minute – Honeydew (Honey Don’t)

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Whenever did you hear of a mobster listening to death metal? I mean, sure, that would logically be the style of music those folks out to associate with, but they don’t. I suspect it has a lot to do with the lack of sophisticated-looking attired, and even more with the lack of sentimentality. 

Back in the movies, all the mobsters, killers, and psychos listen to Roy Orbison, Tony Bennett, or Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Back in modern Eastern Europe, they listen to old party music about leaving home, breaking your mother’s heart. Some of them cry while tipping the musicians obscene sums of money. The ones you should really be worried about aren’t listening to Cannibal Corpse. 

A good melody is worth a lot, especially for people that listen to music once in a while and usually with the dual purpose of celebrating and shedding some tears. An Hour a Minute’s

Honeydew (Honey Don’t) is covered in great melodies like the store of any affluent business owner back in Istanbul. You might not wear this band’s t-shirt when you’re out with your cool friends, but you won’t be able to deny their gift for melodies. 

alberta and the dead eyes – See Saw

Genre: Indie Rock

Rock music formulas are easy to discern but difficult to master and tailor to your whims. That is the reason why I hope, rock music, or whatever other name you care to give, is unlikely to ever disappear. It requires just enough skill to where one will need to learn the basics of their instruments, but anyone with a bit of time on their hands can do it. 

Most of the bands that start out by figuring out a few rock formulas make a great, riotous noise. It sounds brilliant, and it helps hide ineptitude. I personally make use of it every time that I can. Most bands, however, end in silence. No band meeting, no news to friends or fans. Just an unpaid rehearsal space gathering mould and dust. 

Some bands weather the storm long enough to become good and turn those guitar cliches into something all their own. They may still need to camouflage their intentions, but one can’t be too careful. alberta and the dead eyes sound like a band that has weathered most storms. See Saw finds creating a precise sound, over intentionally imprecise lyrics. It’s garage rock dadaism and more people should pick it up. 

An Hour a Minute - Honeydew


alberta and the dead eyes - See Saw




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