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Truth seekers: Alex Hellcat and Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits Band review

Alex Hellcat and Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits Band review

Alex Hellcat – Misfit of Society

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

Vintage punk-rock continues to be celebrated because it helped change people’s lives, and because it has the potential to keep on doing the same. In a modern world full of bad news, of weakness, vices, and dead-end streets, punk-rockers play the role of would-be superheroes to many. 

You never just how important protest songs are until you find yourself without the opportunity to raise an argument. You never know how important songs about freedom are until every song on the radio starts being about the joys of social climbing. 

Alex Hellcat’s Misfit of Society is on a precise mission of chanting about the benefits of the punk-rock lifestyle. Clearly and honestly tributary to Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, the German singer is a man who has lost all trust in all but one thing, music. This is a song about dedication, meeting difficulties head-on, and learning to run away from life’s great prisons. 

Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits Band – Don’t Jump

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Grunge

Similar artists: The Pixies, Nirvana, Slint, Ian Dury, Queens of the Stone Age, Cardiacs

Anxious. Overly-excited. Prone to wild bursts. Slightly demented. These are all not characteristics with which you would describe a model employee. This doesn’t exactly scream promotion material. And, it’s certainly not the comments that once received you’d bag up and brag to your parents about. 

In the world of rock n’ roll, the circus stage is just ready to take on board all individuals that present those kinds of traits. Actually, there haven’t been many knocking about that could be described in any of those ways. And, this has hurt our record collections to no end. 

Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits Band’s Don’t Jump sounds like the work of a man you’ll find in the bar bumming cigarettes, writing poetry and pretending to be in a band. The last part might well be true. It’s a Wild Man Fischer meets the England social class system kind of venture. It’s a frantic sound that Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits, but we wouldn’t expect less. 

Alex Hellcat - Misfit of Society


Tom Moody And The All New Greatest Hits Band - Don't Jump




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