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Pop and a hard place: Ali Horn and Badsoma reviewed by Alt77

Ali Horn and Badsoma reviewed by Alt77

BADSOMA – Heat and Disorder

Genre: Indietronica, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Tame Impala, LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Destroyer

Musicians, no matter whether famous or relatively unknown, rich or poor, good or stinkingly bad, are an egocentric lot. Essentially all that they are trying to do is please themselves. Not only that, but when their music is really hot they try and convince others to come to their aid as well. Strange bunch. 

The most forward-thinking groups of the past few decades, the ones that all the critics’ love, really just want to make sad-party music and get their fans to attend. Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem might be received as conquering heroes by folks all over the world. But, watch out! They’re a hip, sad techno bar waiting to happen! 

BADSOMA’s Heat and Disorder echoes those egocentric desires. The artist may be releasing a debut, but work is already being done on the myth. This is the kind of dark, danceable pop music that makes you lose the last bus home, walk through the rain, and make out some strange excuse to your parents. Is this ever how to live your life?

Find BADSOMA on their official website and Instagram.


Genre: Indietronica, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Velvet Underground, Pavement, Spiritualized

The strange thing about the news is that, not only are many of the ones presented to us not true but also that most of us have become immune to the level of aggression and the bad news that they provide. 

Life happens as it most, of course. However, it is strange with what kind of things we’ve been taught to become accustomed to. It’s an endless cycle of disaster, misery, and, seemingly, someone clever taking advantage of these for financial gains. 

Some bands are too cool to stop and complain. You never heard Lou Reed do a protest song. But, he, like a similar cool cat, Ali Horn, is aware of the world. Horn sings his complaints in a detached, spacey tune titled Managed Decline. Sometimes, your best bet is to take a glance at the authority figures and calmly letting them know what they can do with their desire for control. 

Find  Ali Horn on Facebook and Instagram.

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