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Stage Names Only: [Allophones] and Atomic Fruit Reviewed

[Allophones] and Atomic Fruit Reviewed

Atomic Fruit – Eternal Afternoon

Similar artists: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Grizzly Bear, Damon Albarn

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Most of the time we are aware of life’s best moments just as we are aware of the very best songs that we’ve ever heard. The tragedy is that life can’t be played back. Songs, on the other hand, can be paused and restarted from whichever point we desire. Atomic Fruit aim to capture one of those memorable instances and translate it into a format that allows people to check on it at will. 

If this sounds like a complicated mission, it is because it is. To achieve the goal of translating life into eternal sounds, a fair deal of music know-how is required. Not only that, but modern tools are needed, too. Complex jazz improvisation will simply not do in soundtracking something of such weight. Thankfully, new technology and modern songs may just have the answer. 

Atomic Fruit’s “Eternal Afternoon” is the work of considerable virtuosity, but not the kind that involves playing a million notes at breakneck speed. No, instead the German group takes inspiration from futuristic post-Britpop a la Radiohead, and Blur, as well as Bristol trip-hop, to create a rich, evocative sound where production is king and providing abundant attention to texture is essential. 

[Allophones] – Casings & Threats

Similar artists: Radiohead, Muse, Kane Strang, Failure, Jeff Buckley

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

What was the cliche image about lads playing in rock bands? Well, media always depicted them as rather dumb kids with long, unwashed hair, playing solos on their instruments whenever they get the chance. That breed of rock n’ roller certainly existed. But thanks, in no small part, to alternative rock and to imaginative bands like [Allophones], it is neatly a thing of the past. 

Yes, yes, there are still some copy-cat 70s hard-rock bands making the rounds and taking money off pensioners who just don’t have the energy to search for new sounds. But just as the eve of the grandiose rock star was deeming, the more inventive students of modern music were creating a new language for music from the shelter of their computers and numerous musical gadgets. The future belonged to bands like [Allophones].

[Allophones]’ “Casings & Threats” might be the best 5-minute summation of what really happened to rock n’ roll after the end of the 1990s. It became a refuge for tech-heads and modern prog-enthusiasts. “Casings & Threats” is a wonderfully crafted piece of music built like a pop-rock suite, reminiscent of bands like Radiohead, and challenging and complex enough to keep listeners glued with interest for repeated listens. 

Atomic Fruit - Eternal Afternoon


[Allophones] - Casings & Threats




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