Alt-pop star aspirants – Indie-pop reviews (September 2020)

Ocean Child - Moonlight

Ocean Child – Moonlight

An American by birth, yet sounding like a Brit who’s just getting over a highly intense diet of the Libertines or the Kooks, Ocean Child aka Marco Landaverde, is a true romantic under the indie-rock guise, much like the groups from whom he’s borrowing ideas. 

High-pitched slightly distorted power chords make up the foundation of the song, over which Landaverde serenades the audience like a singer playing a high-school dance. “You said I’m just not old enough to understand” might be the lyric that best defines this young-bohemian’s single.

“Moonlight” ends in a rush the way them ol’ Arctic Monkeys used to do before they were forced to leave Sheffield and seek out global acceptance. Maybe the same is in store for Ocean Child. 


SWEETTALKER sounds like a 60s band, the kind that the record label would threaten Ray Davies with using as a replacement for the Kinks.

They do possess trillions-worth of sweet melodies and an overall psych-rock vibe. But, while other groups of a similar ilk tend to lose focus and head off into all sorts of weird tangents, SWEETTALKER are keeping their eyes on the prize. 

Pop-craft melodies lead the single “Tomorrow“, while a layer of acoustic guitars, piano, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners-lite brass section offer the support. There’s even an uplifting guitar solo, and a “better days will come” chorus. It’s the kind of music you could play for your grandma, but so what?!

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