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Melodies and maladies: ameliarose and Auld Spells reviewed

ameliarose and Auld Spells reviewed

Auld Spells – I Want You Back

I’d like to think that history will have as hard of a time judging the life and artistic importance of Phil Spector as we do right now. Sure, he wasn’t alone in pioneering songwriting and recording techniques. But, whatever you may feel about the man, it is difficult to find someone more important to the evolution of the humble pop record. 

John Lennon and the Ramones knew it, and they were willing to put up with Spector firing a handgun while working with them in the studio. A host of other recording artists know this as well and continue to build on the golden formula dreamed up by this troubled genius. 

Auld Spells’ I Want You Back takes inspiration from the era in which Spector was most active and successful and does more than simply imitate. I Want You Back is an effortlessly delivered sound of retro-pop, complete with thoughtful but subtle lyrics, undeniable melodies, and a carefully pondered production. It’s a record that would sound great in any era. 

ameliarose – GOLIATH

Pop hits come and go. Sure, their success helps build mansions and buy cars for those involved. Music that is heartfelt, imaginative, and well-constructed does have a chance, though, in finding an audience regardless of how much time has elapsed since it was originally released. 

Fiona Apple’s debut was met with impressive reviews. But, then, just as quickly as critics and music industry gatekeepers had opted to embrace her work, they changed their mind deeming the young artist to be too fickle and the topics she wrote about too difficult for mass consumption. The years though, have been kind on her work. 

Someone building a fascinating body of work off the foundation laid out by Apple is ameliarose. Hazy, sophisticated, and bursting with nervous energy, GOLIATH is a poem of bravery. Its chances of reaching a wide audience aren’t hurt by the fact that the singer possesses a marvellous voice that she uses playfully, especially, throughout the song’s chorus. It’s a single that reveals a young artist enjoying learning all of the things that she is capable of doing. A terrific place to start. 

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