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Andrea & Mud and James Wesley Haymer Reviewed

Andrea & Mud and James Wesley Haymer Reviewed

Andrea & Mud – This Time

Similar artists: Orville Peck, Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Loretta Lynn

Genre: Americana, Alt Country

It’s actually very easy to change. People do it all the time for the most important things in their lives. Changing for the better, however, is a whole other matter and one bound to depress you once you consider it more closely. 

But, still, there are some things that people will not easily part with. At least not the people with any self-respect. Folks might change their romantic partners, their nationality, and even their morning beverage. But when it comes to their favourite sports club and their most treasured style of music, few alterations are bound to appear. 

The people who love country music absolutely adore it and take it with them wherever they go. And, once country music needs to change, something that all things must be confronted with eventually, it’s the fans that ensure that modifications are few and superficial. 

Andrea & Mud’s “This Time,” is a modern country song. It’s built on beautiful vocal twang and a powerful, bittersweet story. It functions on the idea that some things simply do not go out of style and some stories are as old as time itself. That’s enough to make one keep things as they are forever. Andrea & Mud are fighting that good fight. 

James Wesley Haymer – Superman’s Rocket

Genre: Classic Rock

“Something is coming/May already be here/It’s been that kind of year.” You wouldn’t be able to able to folks from getting a little paranoid. Especially not these days. But, you may be surprised that the greatest amount of dread is being felt by people living in some of the most prosperous places on Earth. So it goes.

Perhaps it’s the fact that songs about real events are better prioritized in these areas. Everywhere else, it’s most dance music that makes the rounds. But, perhaps, it’s also a sign of the times. The world has, generally, never been in better shape. And, relatively speaking, there’s never been less poverty in the history of making. But that’s not enough to keep most of us happy. 

Like a Tom Petty returned to soundtrack our collective angst, James Wesley Haymer casts a nervous glare past his shoulder on “Superman’s Rocket.” The folkie, lyrics-first, classic rock song is an anthem for neighborhoods gone bad and for Americans wising up to the fact that all might not be well in the land of plenty. But politics should not concern you. Just remember that this song flows like a potential rock classic. 

Andrea & Mud - This Time


James Wesley Haymer - Superman's Rocket




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