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Low-down, lo-fied: Andy Swedlove & David Jacobson and the Space Wizard

Andy Swedlove & David Jacobson and the Space Wizard

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards – Sweet Friend

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock

It used to be that the great pool of being in a band was the opportunity to be unlike most other people. You couldn’t be held accountable for the same crimes as others. Unlike most folks you knew, no day was bound to be boring. 

That’s quite a promise, alright! But one look at the videos or promotional photos for any of the bands you liked seemed to give weight to this belief. People who walked around with guitars strapped to their necks couldn’t be the same as everyone you were likely to encounter in your boring life. 

And while you heard that many of them were in the rock n’ roll game for the money, the drugs, and the game, this had to have been gossip made up by the jealous ones. 

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards’ Sweet Friend echo that Basement Tapes gentle rocking sound, the kind that feels created by people with which you’d never share a school room or an office. And it works. It’s an easy-flowing, effortless kind of special blues-rock that David’s serving up here. 

Andy Swedlove – FBI

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock, Alt Pop

The results of any experiment are different when the subject of it is being observed. Energy doesn’t travel in the same way. If the test involves other people, they’ll make mistakes. If luck needs to be involved, it won’t be. 

It’s, therefore, hard to capture honesty or spontaneity. The artists or politicians that can manage to do that usually push their gift all the way toward a sizable fortune. Naturally, classes and courses are offered on the subject. But are we convinced that this can really be learned? 

Andy Swedlove’s FBI is the rare breed of artist who is likely just as wacky and bizarre with or without the microphones and cameras turned on. There’s no way to fake this kind of weirdness. Still, having enough discipline to get it on tape in its raw form is nothing short of a miracle. It’s hard to really make ends or tails of this recording, which makes it all worth your while. 

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards - Sweet Friend


Andy Swedlove - FBI




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