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The laws of disobedience: Angry Saints and Bad Time Garbage Music reviewed

Angry Saints and Bad Time Garbage Music reviewed

Angry Saints – Cakewalk

Angry Saints are a Spanish rock band burning with nervous energy. While other lovers of 90s rock have long cut their hair, traded in their leather jackets for office attire, and are saving up money for a house in the countryside, the Saints are beyond society’s saving graces. They still sound like a bunch whose anger has never quite subsided and who still make use of it as fuel for their music. 

Cakewalk is a righteously indignant song about universal rights, or, rather, the absence of them. It’s true that there are a lot of those about these days. But, for a group deeply invested in this kind of issue, getting on the right side of history must have been a priority. 

Don’t start thinking that this is hard to process lecture either. If you’re a fan of 90s rock, you might well enjoy this and even tap your feet. The grungy instrumental is used as a platform for Danzig-like barking vocals. The mixture sounds both potent and professional, like counterfeit whiskey made by someone with years worth of experience in the moonshine-trade. 

Bad Time Garbage Music – There Is No Todd

It’s hard to imagine anyone ever wanting to break up with Todd. The guy, clearly, has a lot of energy, he’s ready to crack jokes all the time and, as this single proves, has a pretty high opinion of himself. 

He’s also ready to take life’s challenges in jest. Rather than wallowing in his misery and writing songs about dreaming of murdering his former love interest, he hits them where it hurts most. He reminds that that this holiday season, beg all they want, There is no Todd. How them grapes taste?

This could easily turn merely into a rock song laced with sophomoric humour. Instead, Bad Time Garbage Music transforms this tune into the Bohemian Rhapsody of juvenile jokes. It’s like watching Samurai Cop and bemoaning the fact that they don’t quite make ’em like they used to. I did!

It’s great! Todd needs his own holiday special, I reckon. And, if things go well, why wouldn’t someone risk a regular TV show with musical production such as this one, naturally, included. 

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