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Cellar rock: Angry Saints and Sektion Tyrants review

Angry Saints and Sektion Tyrants review

Sektion Tyrants – Last of the Wild Ones

Genre: Post-Punk, New wave, Gothic / Dark Wave

Similar artists: The Cure, Blitz. Generation X, Spandau Ballet, Killing Joke, The Smiths, Buzzcocks

The odds for great success look stacked against most modern bands. Yes, there is an inflation of music. Yes, the musical mainstream isn’t paying much attention. It is true that on paper, dedicating yourself to music doesn’t sound like a viable plan. 

But, don’t despair just yet! Instead, take a look and listen to many of the great bands of old. Why most of the important rock groups of the 80s were firmly and essentially cult acts playing their music for a small but firmly dedicated few people. The Cure was a club band before they could entertain thousands of people out in a field. 

A group that is looking for a similar sort of devotion from their fans is Sektion Tyrants. Last of the Wild Ones echoes the sound of 80s post-punk and goth. It’s a tune of considerable angst, as well as enthusiasm. Try to imagine what hearing Christian Death for the first time might have been like. You may find that there are some parallels worth being drawn between the kind of excitement that must have been produced and a group like Sektion Tyrants. 

Angry Saints – Tigers

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Our rock stars used to be daring young men and women on the flying trapeze venturing to places most of us would not dare visit. Their need to document those extreme experiences was the fire that kept the songwriting machine going. The great poets of rock n’ roll are still honoured with the same esteem that some spiritual groups bestow upon their martyrs. 

The rock bards didn’t have to play nice for the camera. Or for their fans. Many of them, by most accounts, were real-life bastards. But, who could expect them to mildly behave considering the things that they were willing to put themselves through for their art? From Jim Morisson to Lou Reed, rock singers were stuntmen doing the things that most people would have rather avoided. 

Spain’s Angry Saints embraces the darkness and all that comes along with it on the single Tigers. This is an ambitious, lyrics-driven song, inspired by the ultimate bastard of modern poetry, Charles Bukowski. It’s a journey through the mind’s strangest and wickedest machinations. Hooray for Angry Saints, for taking the journeys that most of us wouldn’t dare consider!

Sektion Tyrants - Last of the Wild Ones


Angry Saints - Tigers




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