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Between Them and You: Animal Space and DIN NYC Reviewed

Animal Space and DIN NYC Reviewed

DIN NYC – Better Than Nothing

Similar artists: The Replacements, Tom Petty, The Lemonheads, Oasis, The Rolling Stones

Genre: 90s Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

DIN NYC has found a way to tell his tales effortlessly, and it involves old-fashioned rock n’ roll. Yes, you’re right. Everyone has a story to tell, but most people never find the right way or the right time to tell it. Perhaps that is why we all look with such respect at the rock stars who get to travel the world while using stories about themselves as currency.

It’s an important moment when these folks decide to use the guitar, paintbrush or pen. But there’s a risk. They could opt to spend their time learning to play scales really fast. They could start trying to copy Van Gogh’s paintings brush for brush or learning to translate “Ulysses” in Bulgarian. All of these are good things but might rob us of hearing their unique stories. 

DIN NYC’s “Better Than Nothing” has a sound that is reminiscent of The Replacements or The Lemonheads. But the great payoff for listeners is hearing a new voice bringing unique experiences using this kind of format. Nothing here sounds forced. The vocals tell their stories playfully as they echo over the jingle-jangle guitars. 

Animal Space – Sea of Blood

Similar artists: Radiohead, Blur, Soundgarden

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

We’re lucky, I suppose, that tens of thousands of people start learning to play the guitar, the drums, or take singing lessons every day. Many of them achieve a decent level of proficiency. But what exactly will they use their newly acquired skill for? 

Many of them will use it to show off. And, boy, I’m sure it must feel good showing your friends how high you can sing or what Hendrix tune you’re able to pick on a six-string. 

Other, more sophisticated characters will use it as a tool of self-expression. Most of them will focus very heavily on “the self.” Their art will be about them, and nobody who isn’t willing to hear their story is invited. 

Still, there’s a minority. Animal Space’s well-balanced, clean-guitar-driven “Sea of Blood” is a song about the world’s endless problem with violence. The vocal approach even seems to suggest that the people in the world have become so accustomed to this that this does not produce many shocks any more. It is, I suppose, a better use of those wonderfully difficult-to-acquire skills. In a world where we all think of our own well-being first, we forget to think about somebody else’s need for peace. 

DIN NYC - Better Than Nothing


Animal Space - Sea of Blood




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