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Antiprono and Harpers Reviewed

Antiprono and Harpers Reviewed

Antiprono – Mailbomb

Similar artists: GOLD HOUSE, Cloud Nothings, Ariel Pink

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Alternative Rock

The biggest, toughest guys who know how to fight and like to do it often don’t fear people who are like them. What they fear are small, scrawny folks with murder in their eyes, the kind that would stop at nothing to get their way. 

Those are the ones to fear. When it comes to the world of modern music, it’s not the people who’ve invested a fortune in expensive equipment. It’s the people who would make music using a rock, a piece of wood, and a funnel if need be. It’s folks like the one they call Antiprono. Those are the really dangerous ones. 

Lo-fi, truly independent music, can have a great amount of power. A lot of that comes from not really having a boss, anyone to answer to, and nobody telling these songwriters how much they need to produce each year. In fact, the Lo-Fi Rock scene is filled with enthusiastic songwriters who might just be the most vibrant in the entirety of the music world. 

Antiprono’s “Mailbomb” is joyful indie musical terrorism and, if the threats turn out to be true, a monumental way to announce an attack. The fact is that there are no rules when making this kind of music on your lonesome. Antiprono takes full advantage. Where others would just follow a pattern, Antiprono goes for something that nobody else would go for. 

Harpers – Ease Your Mind

Similar artists: Dr. Dog, Sam Evian, Drug Cabin, John Andrews & The Yawns, Foxygen

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock

Most musical artists nowadays have to have a story or wear a mask and never reveal their identity. Managers and producers will coach them and tell them that if they do not possess one of those things, there is no chance that they even try. So, the artists turn to a writing team to concoct tales of how their house burned down, how they fashioned their first guitar out of a burning tree, or, at the very least, how a terrible relationship inspired their music. 

It’s all a gimmick, right? But what about the bands that simply don’t need to turn to such cheap manoeuvres? Groups like Harpers are rare in that they don’t have a very attractive story or presentation but rather an extremely handsome sound, the kind that audiences of all types will find it easy to get lost in. Turns out that sounding good will help you escape a lot of trouble with having to remember your lines. 

Harpers’ “Ease Your Mind” is a gently psychedelic sound, a kind of pleasant theatre for the mind. Its biggest strengths are the recording itself and the production. This is an indie-rock that ought to take exactly no effort to get into. This is because it is extremely well-crafted. It’s a plug-in-play experience, a smooth, professional sound that can be glued onto just about any playlist you’re working on right now. 

Antiprono - Mailbomb


Harpers - Ease Your Mind




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