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Endless dreams: Anto Dust and Mahogany Frog review

Anto Dust and Mahogany Frog review

Mahogany Frog – A Decision Of The Flower

Genre: Post Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Stereolab, Shooting Guns, Elevator, Tortoise, Soft Machine, Air, Deerhoof, Holy Fuck, Brian Eno

Rock music as a whole may look like a rather unattractive commercial option in 2022. After all, there are few rock artists on the modern radio, few to disturb your trips to the supermarket, and even fewer to peddle luxury products to their adoring fans. 

However, that’s only part of the story. What was once a small clique of artists who received the endorsement of major record labels, is now a myriad of artists, of genres, of scenes that all receive tremendous, heartfelt support from small groups of people. Add all of these up and guitar rock, under its man guises, remains incredibly important. 

Mahogany Frog’s A Decision Of The Flower seems to be made so that a few people will fall madly in love with the music. This is a mysterious, instrumental prog that sounds tailor-made for people who approach their rock in the way that some may approach reading tomes of Russian literature. With love and patience. Mahogany Frog make music seemingly destined for cult classic status. 

Anto Dust – A Larkin

Genre: Dream Pop

One way to insult the devoted pop music fan was to refer to their passion as mere escapism. In other words, all of this music business was aking to fairy stories. It was all just a way to avoid facing the world’s problems. And, those that claimed this seemed to say, one needed to confront those issues directly in order to be viewed as a decent member of society. 

Well, in 2022, our species has dropped a few centuries back into our existential path. We’re back to the old-fashioned traditions of violence, war and war propaganda, working towards economic colapse, and ignoring environmental issues. Whose silly about embracing a bit of escapism now? And, where would consistently thinking about the previous mentioned issues get you? The nuthouse, probably. 

Anto Dust’s A Larkin is music made for worlds not yet discovered. It’s dream-pop meant to greet a superior race of aliens that might want to stumble upon our little blue ball and take kindness on us. This is luminous, spacious pop music. Anto Dust is beautiful escapism at a time when this is practically a survival technique. 

Mahogany Frog - A Decision Of The Flower


Anto Dust - A Larkin




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