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Folkies on the beach: Arbor Green and Luke De-Sciscio reviewed

Arbor Green and Luke De-Sciscio reviewed

Luke De-Sciscio – Negative Attraction

Just like the cockroaches after the nuclear assault, the one thing that we’ll be sure to be left with after all the music has either died, or we’ve gotten so tired of it that we had to kill it, is going to be folk music. Not the Mumford & Sons arena-folks, because I imagine that selling overpriced beer at gigantic gatherings will no longer be a priority. 

No, the sensitive poet carving out his hopes and fears in the form of classic songs based with the aid of an acoustic guitar will be the one to survive. I imagine, for those still around, it will be a moment of relative vindication. Folk-poets don’t quite get their just due anymore, and that’s a shame. 

If you’d like to do something about that, you might want to start with Luke De-Sciscio. He’s one of the musicians that can make their unelectrified instruments weep through the use of intricate picking patterns, and make listeners weep through the sensitive words and melodies he utters. Get on the action early with Negative Attraction. 

Arbor Green – As We Grow

Where do emos go when they grow up? What do the girls and boys that held Morrissey up like the gospel do later in life? Well, in the case of Arbor Green, they go to the beach. But, you’ll only manage to get them there kicking and screaming, as they make clever remarks about how much they hate being here, we would imagine. 

Besides containing excellent footage of a heavily bearded man attempting to eat a cone of ice cream, the video is a wonderful representation of the world-weary feel of the song. It’s not a song of sadness or even anger. It’s a tune about mental exhaustion. 

Arbor Green are the young men and women who’ve grown up to be a bit too smart for their own good. Naturally, they dislike a lot of what they see. How could they not? But, they’ve also into mighty good musicians, cleverly and good taste picking up sounds from terrific influences and adding their own funny/sad poetry to them.

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