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Past glories, modern stories: Arlie and Tokyo Lucky Hole reviewed

Arlie and Tokyo Lucky Hole reviewed

Tokyo Lucky Hole – Ode To Dance

Genre: Rockabilly, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Have you taken a look at internet memes lately? Of course, you have. That’s what all the people that were lucky enough to have the internet as early as their adolescence, snicker on the streets, or most likely, at home. It’s an instant switch of laughs. And, unlike great comedies or stand-up shows, it’s produced in a seemingly endless supply by bored people on the web. 

You may have also noticed that memes tend to be weird. They tend to reference things that only people in the know will know. It’s humour created for people that have had a bit too much popular culture in their lives to be, err.. normal. Modern music is a lot like that for those that have had YouTube and streaming services offering them every blend of music at a touch of a button. 

Tokyo Lucky Hole’s Ode To Dance is like a journey through a world a la Clockwork Orange. Here, all the droogs wear pompadours. They listen to mashup music only. Rockabilly collides with garage rock and funk and it’s performed by Elvis-impersonators. Dread Zeppelin never took it this far. What is for certain though is that this is a world worth investigating thoroughly.

Arlie – wait a minute

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Trends come and go, but people seem to love The Beatles. A little too much. I mean, yes, they may have been the greatest band of all time. But, does that mean we have to deal with Yesterday and all the other horrible productions milking the Liverpool quartet’s music for monetary gain?

As for the music, it’s customary for groups to incorrectly label themselves as The Next Beatles. The ones that are really in with a shot at wearing the crown do it stealthily. Some pleasant melodies there, some clever harmonies here, a few references to submarines and walruses. Nothing too auspicious. 

Arlie’s love The Beatles and the entire pop landscape of the 1960s for that matter. They’re not just retro-revivalists. They’re a band that believes that kind of music needs to be reinstated as the prime point of reference in pop culture’s fickle hierarchy. Wait a minute is a nifty pop song, complete with an exuberance for performing and incredible melodies. It’s hard to argue with folks that are honest about what they really like. 

Tokyo Lucky Hole - Ode To Dance


Arlie - wait a minute




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