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Roundabout way: Artio and Mountainbike Death Tigers

Artio and Mountainbike Death Tigers

Mountainbike Death Tigers – Drug Eagle

Similar artists: IDLES, Viagra Boys, Shame

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock

Modern rock bands are a lot like family vans redesigned to look like sports cars. Sure, the pain job might be Ok, and it might look good in pictures. But they’re not designed to give the public many thrills. 

That’s quite a misgiving, but it can be easily papered over by the right PR. Movies and press stories about modern rock stars taking drugs are a must. Tales of their adventures are regularly tossed to the press. Words like revolutionary and maverick are part of the course. 

The majority of these musicians, however, are more boring than your geography teacher. Don’t believe me? Just play their records and close your eyes. You’ll get it. 

Few bands sound like they’re in a wheel barrel that’s about to plummet down a waterfall. Mountainbike Death TigersDrug Eagle sounds that way. 

Sure, there are plenty of bands that play loud and fast. Most of them, however, have little to tie their sound together. These Swedes, however, have the hooks and the grooves to make their sonic chaos glue tightly to your ears. 

Artio – Worthless

Similar artists: YONAKA, Nova Twins, Wargasm, Cassyette

Genre: Pop Punk, Alt Pop

As things stand, rock music is one of the cheapest drugs out on the market. It can be pretty potent too, and it’s usually easy to find. How could people, emotional as they are, refuse such a proposition?

At the heart of it, what music, rock music especially, promises is to help someone instantly change their mood. It’s pretty harmless too, as compared to its narcotic rivals if you don’t count potential deafness. 

Most of the time, people use music either to light up a feeling that is escaping them or to amplify one that is hard to ignore. In both cases, it can have a powerful effect, either positive or negative. 

Artio’s Worthless isn’t a pop-punk tune of self-loathing, as the title might suggest, but rather, I think, a song that can serve as a companion through dark times. These feelings are best met head on and a bit of the right music has always been known to help. 

Mountainbike Death Tigers - Drug Eagle


Artio - Worthless




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