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Dragged Out: Åskväderare and Jupiter Radio Theater x Star Moles Reviewed

Åskväderare and Jupiter Radio Theater x Star Moles Reviewed

Jupiter Radio Theater x Star Moles – Martinique

Similar artists: Rubber Band Gun, Weyes Blood, The Lemon Twigs, Mitski, The Zombies

Genre: Indie Rock, Alt Pop

Jupiter Radio Theater & Star Moles’ collaboration leads to an exquisite, extravagant version of retro pop. 

With all this convenience everywhere, it’s hard not to miss the days when doing things was simply harder. At least once in a while. No, you couldn’t shoot full-scale movies while using a device that easily fits into your back pocket. And you couldn’t make records while lounging around your bedroom. 

Doing anything was harder. But once something did get done, enough money and effort would be put behind it to ensure that, at the very least, some people would lose their job if the result was not convincing. Being stylish or creating well-crafted pop art couldn’t merely be an accident. 

Jupiter Radio Theater & Star Moles’ “Martinique” echoes the stylish melancholy sound of old French pop. It does not sound like music pieced together by someone working in a bedroom studio. Whether factual or not, this sounds like a singer fronting an orchestra and recording on a large studio stage. There’s no bowing down to modernity on this one. And hearing it just the way it is, it makes you yearn for better, more complicated times. 

Åskväder – Turn The Tide

Similar artists: The Drippers, Hot Breath, Märvel, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric

Genre: 90s Rock, Pop Rock, Garage Rock

Åskväder is doing its part for Scandinavia rock’s global takeover, an inevitability in current circumstances. 

Scandinavian musicians live in a dream world. But that’s alright. It’s what has helped them exercise such power over pop and rock music. If you were, for example, to take Swedish pop music at face value, you’d imagine that the singers and producers are all lounging out in the Sun and partying through the long days. 

But Swedish rock n’ rollers are just as obsessed with creating an imaginary world for themselves. And we’re lucky they do. In their world, the “roll” has never left the “rock.” In their world, bands are supposed to sound like they’re trying to win an audience over every night. And most importantly, in their world, rock still rules over everything else. 

Åskväderare just looking to get you excited about life with “Turn The Tide.” Thundering guitars and pounding drums aren’t merely used to coat a song, they’re used as freedom declarations. You see, from East to West, audiences have spent their time checking out the latest trends, and Swedish rock has stuck to its original core values. Bands like Åskväderare aren’t just keeping rock alive. They won’t accept that its glory days are behind it. 

Jupiter Radio Theater x Star Moles - Martinique


Åskväder - Turn The Tide




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