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Moving targets: Astral Swans and Jaguar Jonze reviewed

Astral Swans and Jaguar Jonze reviewed


Genre: Alternative Rock

A lot of people talk about the future s being grim and gray. I disagree. If anything, all the colours of the future are bound to give you nausea. It’ll be loud and ready to overpower the senses. Nothing will be more of a sensory assault than pop music itself. I predict that even the most basic of uniforms are about to get tawdry and glitzed-up. 

Fight fire with fire. The truly virtuous do nothing expecting rewards. That’s what anarchist friends of mine tell me, at least. Well, they don’t make pop music either. This is the realm for people on the search for fame, glory, and all the trappings that come along with it. We’ve come to observe. 

Jaguar Jonze’s Who died and made you king? is coated in the kind of glittering colours that new-pop has been teasing us with. Production is sharp, hooks are all that the song is comprised of and there is nothing bashful about this pop star. We don’t want our rockstars to be low key, and, so, they won’t

Astral Swans – Blackhole Town

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Did the 1960s truly happen, or is this all some sort of collective hallucination? That decade was, especially for the ones that weren’t there, much too colourful, bright, and full of genuine enthusiasm for it to have truly existed, or left so little of a mark on the world. 

Why, it was only a decade later that groups would rejoice in darkness, and in telling stories of life as they and their parents knew it. Gone was the flashiness and the hope of better days. In were the slogans about not having any kind of future, of falling in love next to concrete buildings, and of the fear that there was simply no escape. 

Astral Swans sound like the kind of people that really want to believe in the 60s dream. Even the hazard of the Blackhole Town of which they sing seems to beam out in glorious hues. This is psychedelic rock meant to sound like a Russian fairy story where everything is possible and where there’s no way that the bad guys are going to win in the end. 



Astral Swans - Blackhole Town




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