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Dreamfields: Aunt Kelly and Smoke Chaser review

Aunt Kelly and Smoke Chaser review

Smoke Chaser – Highway One

Genre: Indie-rock

Henry Miller was not your typical American tourist. Yes, he did travel the world, usually, to the places most favored by North Americans. However, he was one for getting immersed in the culture, its glam, and its filth. Not only that, but he used both of these as inspiration for his writing. His bookworm-with-a-boner routine has worked out. Miller has, thankfully, not been canceled and still serves as preliminary sex-ed for teens in the U.S.

Miller himself might blush at the times we’re living. Perhaps, he would be among those embracing premium accounts to adult websites. Maybe there would still be rich friends to sponge off of. But, certainly, there’d be less romance to the grime that he wrote about it. And, without this, certainly, there’d be fewer youngsters wishing that they could live a similar life as an artist. 

Smoke Chaser’s Highway One looks toward the very myth about becoming an artist and all of the spoils this involves. The sun is covered in both sweet Californian harmonies, and quirky art-school ideas. It’s a song about books and about sex, precisely the two themes that might occupy the imagination of a future intellectual. There aren’t many books nowadays, but there aren’t so many printed either. Who knows what can happen to sex next. Let’s treasure these moments. 

Aunt Kelly – Nurturing

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock

Pop-rock is as much about sleight of hand, and misdirection as pickpocketing, or performing magic tricks in front of a crowd. If you’re not prepared to be a little mischievous from your vantage point as the artist commanding the attention, it is best not to turn up. People may claim that they want honesty from their musicians, but they do not. They want something that will help them escape the limits of reality. 

At its very best, pop music is able to do just that while employing only sounds arranged under certain rules. Yes, at its core, pop music is supposed to indicate something impossible and for a few brief moments, make that feeling seem attainable, and forever available. This is not true, of course. But, if the pop tune is really cooking, audiences will be able to transport themselves to the exact same mind space that they inhabited when they first heard the tune. 

Aunt Kelly’s Nurturing proudly carries the burden of pop musicians and provides to their audience just what they’re looking for, a little bit of magic. There’s little deception at all play too. It’s all in the rush of the rhythm, and in the emotional vocals that spill over like an improperly balanced cocktail glass. Who wants music that should make them feel like they could achieve anything? Aunt Kelly might have a good idea about that. 

Smoke Chaser - Highway One


Aunt Kelly - Nurturing




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