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Armon Jay - Half Life Review

Armon Jay, of Dashboard Confessional fame, constructs a thoughtful indie-folk meditation on depression. In his story, the mental condition is not so much a consistent source of drama, but rather a nagging ache. Jay talks about wanting to call help, but feeling ashamed…
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Age of deconstruction - Post Punk review - August 2020

Lawn – Summertime Lawn sound as if they’ve had to study rock music in college for four years and hated it. They’re now stuck with being the smartest lads in the room, though that offers little consolation. Summertime is a confrontational short-story…
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Cochino - Habitual Animals Review

Be careful with the guitar-man whose parents did not let him get out and play. They may have well had to develop their craft to a level where they could take a man with an explosive run of arpeggios if need be. We, on Alt77, tend to write about kids who’ve never…
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Naked Face - Beach Punk Review

Oh, I’m familiar with beach punks, those kids who get to spend the summer by the seaside somehow spreading $10 across months of reckless of smoking and drinking. Just like them lot, sometimes all you need to get by is a great attitude. Naked Face has…
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Troi Irons - Thorns Review

It’s strange reviewing music that is intensely personal. For me, listening to Brian Wilson or Sparklehorse, feels like an intrusion into their privacy. I get as nervous around the music of Troy Irons. The singing here sways back and forth like the ocean on a rainy…

Psyclo - The 18th Floor in Hell

Psyclo sounds like the dark wave project of an old black metal musician. It’s terrifying in scope and soundscape. The 18th Floor in Hell begins innocently enough with a keyboard pattern that echo Japan’s classic “Ghosts“. But, later, with each…
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Creeptones - All We Can Do

Creeptones is the kind of band they make movies about. The said cinematic efforts usually concern industrious and passionate fans of music, making use of all their energy in a bid to achieve their dreams. It’s a niche market granted, but these movies do exist, I assure…
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Bad Mother Nature - Time to Run

Pub rock will outlive the cockroaches, hopefully, but not the death of pubs, obviously. Gearing up with an intro that suggests Mark Knopfler getting up to jam with the band and throwing in some of his expertise chicken-picking, Time to run is a nice 80s/pub-rock tune.
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Cap'n Marble - First Book

Cap’n Marble make hobo chic music. This sounds like a tune you’d have in your back pocket while couchsurfing through the streets of Europe. Sure, there’s a but of modern production added to the mix, but you expect the tune to break into whistling any…