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Thought crimes: Bad Human Beings & Matt Boroff reviewed

Bad Human Beings & Matt Boroff reviewed

Matt Boroff – Future Crimes

Never say that paranoia hasn’t done anything nice for us. Many great artists have walked around embracing conspiracy theories, carrying a chip on their shoulders, or adopting some strange lifestyle choices. That doesn’t exactly make for people you’d want to have over babysitting for your kids, but it has certainly produced some interesting art. 

Matt Boroff’s Future Crimes is a bit zany, but hear the man out. It’s hard to take his words as gospel, but he certainly brings some valid points. The song is, as far as I can gather, a scathing review of a dystopian future where the guilt of the common man will be determined by means outside of our ability to understand or contest, a preemptive strike on the very spirit of human beings. 

While less chaotic and aggressive, the song is certainly built from a foundation of industrial rock’s biggest thinkers, Nine Inch Nails, or Ministry. Mr Boroff has a tendency to recite his words more than sing them, but folks with honest, intriguing beliefs are hard to find, and this one deserves attention. 

Bad Human Beings – Skinny Brad

Let’s face it, you can get pretty far in the rock business on looks alone. If you don’t know a good enough tailor, can’t afford the dapper look, or simply don’t like showering every day, your best bet is to align yourself with like-minded individuals. 

When the Melvins began touring across the States, legend has it, that they left more musical progenies than a sailor equipped with never-ending financial resources and a trip across multiple continents. They wrote great songs, played sludgy, passionate music, and turned up sober for every one of their shows. They sounded and looked like a talent scout’s worst nightmare. 

Bad Human Beings bring that to mind. They play slow, aggressive music, but have no time, or patience with disguising their own brand of punk-metal with the stylish growls that kids are endorsing nowadays. They love NOFX, one of punk rock’s most beloved, and least competent institutions. Skinny Brad is a hateful grunge-opus that sounds produced by people you don’t let house-sit for you under any circumstances. 

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