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Climb that hill: Badd Music and Kensington Road reviewed by Alt77

Badd Music and Kensington Road reviewed by Alt77

Kensington Road – Ghost Mountain

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

It’s the mysterious nature of some rock stars that keeps the light of their popularity burning brightly even after they’ve gone, or given up making music. However, it is, usually, another quality that allows groups to gain massive followings and travel the world. These groups are able to provide people with what they want at that particular time.

That’s what the three-minute rock single has gifted us with. Some, who were truly great at presenting themselves to the world, your Jim Morrisons or Kurt Cobains, knew both the value of a good mystery story, as well as the importance of an earworm of a single that could penetrate the charts. 

German group Kensington Road have similar values in mind as they craft Ghost Mountain, an eerie long story of a rock tune, complete with echoing guitars and witch-doctor chanting. It could get them a place on the charts, or a horde of fanatical listeners. We hope that it does both these things. 

Badd Music – Strung Out

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Pop Punk

The tone of most punk bands in their earliest incarnation is light. It reflects the optimism of the members. Usually, they are in it for the excitement of playing their instruments in front of people. These people then grow up, usually fast, living hard, or learning how to use their wits and their fists to get by.  

If that band is to evolve, and truly influence others, the tone of their work will also change. Pop music might have you believe that life is an endless party, but the punk-rock scene kids that become lifers know that their audience expects complete honesty from them. Tales of hardship are not a marketing ploy, but a commitment of full disclosure they share with their fans. 

Badd Music, similarly to groups like the Dropkick Murphys, make punk music for the tough kids around town. Strung Out speaks of struggles and mental fatigue, but the group’s got real soul. They’re not older peers looking to lead you down crooked paths, but the ones hoping to lend some advice and provide some courage with their punk-rock tunes. 

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