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Banksy Shares COVID-Related Mural in Bristol


Famous British street artist Banksy shared a new mural in his native city of Bristol. The design shows an elderly woman sneezing. It’s captioned “Aachoo!!”

The notoriously media-shy artist hasn’t revealed the meaning behind the design. Given the recent health crisis and the governments’ around the world measures to combat it, fans of Banksy believe that this is a statement on the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artwork appears on the wall of a building in Bristol, the town that has long been rumored to be Banksy’s place of birth. Fans of the artists work have already visited the mural located in Totterdown Street. Many have posted photos of it online.

Banksy is a world-renowned street artist from England. His murals tend to be humorous and, most often, satirize society and the political elite. His work sells for millions of dollars, in spite of the artist’s reluctance.

The artist’s identity has never been confirmed. It is known that he was part of a group of artists that also included 3D, a founding member of trip-hop group Massive Attack. Some suggest that Banksy and 3D may be the same person. Although several theories exist online, the information has never been confirmed.

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