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Ranked insider: Beau Lucas and Cult of Y review

Beau Lucas and Cult of Y review

Cult of Y – Mountain

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave

Similar artists: The Cure, Lana Del Rey, Salem, Burial, David Lynch

I’ve lived long enough around Swedes to know that one doesn’t simply inquire what happens after 6 P.M., the time that streets are generally cleared of all human activity. I have a feeling that spoiling the mystery would not be wise. Still, there are a few glimpses into the minds of these polite, efficient Northern Europeans that could serve in understanding their thinking. 

While very soft-spoken, their folklore is populated with witches, hideous trolls, and Viking ghosts. Although the nation is known for producing ABBA and Roxette, they are also responsible for what a Swede has described to me as “more death metal than we know what to do with.” And, while the Midsommar makes Swedes chuckle, it might not be for the same reasons that you’d assume.   

Cult of Y’s Mountain is as alluring yet frightful as a winter spent in Scandinavia. This is comfort music for people who are used to the cold and dealing with thoughts of a similar icey nature. But, besides all of this, it grooves like a sexy, 90s vampire soundtrack piece and provides the hooks to make you want to keep the tune on repeat. 

Beau Lucas – Her Cosmic Purpose

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Similar artists: Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo, Rose City Band, Heaters

Some people spend their whole lives waiting for something sensational to happen to them, while others desperately attempt to force some kind of change. Psychedelic rock poets are an example of the latter. This best explains the reason why they so often take the chances that they do. 

Psychedelic music seems to promise audiences that there is something more to be found on the other side of the wall. It’s up to the artists then to make the leap. Most of them do so and break their bodies, their minds, and, sometimes, even their spirit. But, the lucky ones come back with precious proof. 

Beau Lucas’ Her Cosmic Purpose isn’t so much a rock song as a vessel for exploration. It’s a song meant to massage your paranoia muscles and, perhaps, prop open your third eye. The tools, however, are familiar: guitars, steady drums, and mysterious lyrics. You have to feel for these sorts of passionate adventurers. 

Cult of Y - Mountain


Beau Lucas - Her Cosmic Purpose




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