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The day before: Big Troppy and Ciao Lucifer review

Big Troppy and Ciao Lucifer review

Ciao Lucifer – So Slow

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: The Kills, Wet Leg, Queens of the Stone Age

Rock music can turn into a revolutionary force and all that jazz. But, the tools involved in making that happen aren’t very exotic, or hard to understand. All artists really have to do is get people on their side, or have them passionately dislike them. In achieving this the same rule book used as far back as the 1950s still applies. 

Laugh and people will likely laugh with you. Cry and, unless you give the public a good enough reason to shed a tear, you’ll be soaked all on your own. Get the people to rally against a cause that they already would have gladly supported. And, above all, make them dance! If you can get them to shake their butts, they’ll be soon shaking their wallets. 

Ciao Lucifer’s So Slow takes the butt-shaking all the way to the bank. This is rock music made for the European discotheque circuits, music made for people who dance ironically and drink seriously. It reaches the audience with what the Dutch duo knows they are bound to embrace. 

Big Troppy – Always on our minds

Genre: Pop Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

American culture has dominated the lives of most of the people alive today. There’s no way to avoid it! Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s everywhere and in everything, and unless you plan to learn a Scandinavian language and embrace hygge, you’re stuck with it. 

This is kind of good and mostly bad. When it comes to rock music, America was always the place where bands went to “make it”. Consequently, most of these bands felt compelled to change their sounds and image to cater to American audiences. It’s all good, but mostly sad because this goes against the pop tradition that many nations have built for themselves. 

Big Troppy’s Always on our minds digs into the bag of tricks of British guitar pop songs. Quick, clever lines about youth, sex, and booze are thrown against guitars strummed as if trying to extinguish the fire of the guitar strings. Big Troppy stands for classic English guitar pop, and the world is a better place for it. 

Ciao Lucifer - So Slow


Big Troppy - Always on our minds




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