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Old love, young hearts: Billy Edwin and Crawford Mack release new singles

Billy Edwin and Crawford Mack release new singles

Crawford Mack – The Art of Losing You

A man never got a woman back not by begging on his knees,” wrote Leonard Cohen and it’s difficult to argue with the great man on all matters wisdom-related. Begging for love in the real world isn’t very efficient, although rarely a matter of strategy either. It does, however, work wonders to get people’s attention in the realm of art, specifically guitar music. 

As another modern-classic put it, “What came first, the music or the misery?” In the case of Crawford Mach, the two seem pretty well tied together. Hearing his poetic lines and his wallowing in self-misery on the Art of losing you is, I have to say, shamefully entertaining. 

There’s a bottom to the well of loss and regret that most people will rarely hit. When they do though, like a man with little left to lose, they’ll utter the truth about this thing called love. Mr Mack does just that in his folk, soft-misery tune. Many broken hearts may be in need for just this.

Billy Edwin – I’ll Sing With You

Early on in life, my friends and I made a pledge never to grow up. So far, so good. Now, looking back and around me, I can tell that we were hardly the only punks to make this promise to ourselves. Many take this call and ride it as far as it will go. 

When it comes to music, punk-rockers are usually constrained to do much the same thing. Pop-punk, especially, feels particularly sad when the musicians decide to trade in their potty-mouths, fast grooves and big riffs for ruminations on maturity. Do you remember Sum41’s melancholy-filled later day records? Yeah, about that…

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Billy Edwin, punk scene veteran and former member of TenFootPole, gets ready to release a love song that can easily double as a Halloween single. Musically, if you are a longtime fan of the modern pop-punk style, it is what you expect, and we predict you will be tapping your feet to it soon enough—an ode to young hearts and never growing up.  

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