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Take your elders to the cleaners: Birthday Cake! And CHAMEL3ON reviewed

Birthday Cake! And CHAMEL3ON reviewed

CHAMEL3ON – Color Me Strange


Genre: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Post Rock

It’s competition for hits that have made popular music genreless. Sure, it’s true that artists will feel an inclination towards a variety of styles and tones. But, let’s not fool ourselves. Bands in 2021 mix various styles wildly out of a desire to appeal to as large a demographic as they can. 

It’s then strange to consider that only a few decades ago, musicians would be fit into a certain niche that they would, most likely, never be allowed to leave. Music labels, managers, and the musicians themselves feared messing with a winning formula. Then the alt-rock boom of the 1990s happened. Suddenly groups were encouraged to blend styles together or risk appearing old-hat. 

CHAMEL3ON shares in more than a few of those 90s alt-rock traditions. They mix styles wildly, their production-work is powerful and should get them noticed, and like groups like Incubus and 311, they possess a truly horrible name. Monickers aside, on Color Me Strange, this U.S. outfit has an amazing way of showcasing their geat playing abilities, while still remaining concise and to the point. 

Birthday Cake! – Mother Mary

Genre: Pop Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

I like the British Isles when it comes to rock music. I don’t think that musicians from any other place on Earth are as equally able to sound as if they wholeheartedly believe themselves to be rockstars, or to sound completely lost, naive, and distressed. 

The majority of us look to shrug off the discomfort we may experience growing up. Frankly, once we manage to overcome that, it becomes difficult to summon those thoughts at will. Yet, it’s the honesty and relatability of those events and impressions that are worth documenting and that, most likely, will become precious for the writer in the future.

Birthday Cake! are a Scottish indie-rock band, a distinction that the group members wish to be well-known, who sound as if they’ve diligently done their homework into the great and morose songwriters of the nation. Mother Mary is a pop-funk poem of sorts that perfectly captures the uneasiness and hopefulness of youth. The Scottish group sounds not only like they suffered for their art but managed to pen their song as they were going through these experiences. 

Find Birthday Cake! on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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