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Nothing’s shocking: Black Bordello and Clarito reviewed

Black Bordello and Clarito reviewed

Clarito – The Jerk

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Most people think that the greatest thing about being a rockstar has to do with the money. Others believe it is something related to fame. The prospect of potentially starting your own cult also works into the perks, especially if you’ve studied your Wako or The Family encounters. 

But, I think that the greatest thing about being a rockstar is that people assume you just can’t get hurt. Bad reviews, terrible divorces, expensive drug habits. These are all things that the experienced rockstar can just let slide like a duck dragging its feathers through the water. 

Clarito sounds like he’s been hurt, and bad. He uses music queues that the majority of rock listeners will easily pick up on. The 50s style guitar balladeering is an unescapable soundtrack to a broken heart. Vocals sound as if recorded underneath layers of cigarette smoke and the singer narrates his story of love gone wrong as if walking on broken glass. Rock stars do get hurt, and their music always sounds better when they tell it straight. 

Black Bordello – Nunhead

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Art Rock

Similar artists: PJ Harvey, Wolf Alice, St Vincent, Cat Power

It’s not uncommon for teacher of creative writing to claim that a story about catching the bus can be us as compelling as someone having their son or daughter killer provided it contains just the right mix of elements. 

Now, beyond the fact that the relative of the deceased may feel cheated not having even received a compelling enough narrative out of their misery, it’s misleading. For the most part, people prefer stories about murders. And, the people that write these kinds of twisted tales are not necessarily folks living out those fantasies themselves, but rather writers who know what kind of content to provide. 

Black Bordello’s story may have been told before, but rarely with as much zest and passion for darkness and mourning. Nunhead feels like the sort of tune that artsy kids that are not quite happy about their schooling or home life make. It also sounds like the kind of tune that someone with a great interest in art and a knack for clever storytelling might come up with. Sharp as a razor and ready to use one. 

Clarito - The Jerk


Black Bordello - Nunhead




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