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Drifting away: Black Hat and Justin Sconza

Black Hat and Justin Sconza

Justin Sconza – No Real Place to Go

Genre: Indie Folk

The industry of motivational speakers will have you believe that the world is divided into winners and losers. And clearly, because nobody likes being a loser, people need to listen to the advice of these people and, of course, purchase their propaganda. 

But this is not true. Sure, winners and losers are a real thing, just like Yeti or the 4-day work week. There’s another solution. It’s not mentioned as often because this one requires talent. It requires an appreciation of what is happening to you at a particular time and a good deal of thankfulness. It makes thinking in terms of “winning” or “losing” ridiculous.  

Justin Sconza’s “No Real Place to Go” is a breezy indie-folk that contains a real appreciation for life and the circumstances that sometimes befall us by pure fortune. The song is led by a singing voice that turns into a murmur and a slide guitar that turns itself into the inevitable tide of the ocean. 

Black Hat – Favorite Place

Similar artists: Syd Barrett, Black Angels, Clinic, Beatles, Velvet Underground

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Outsider rock was a hit only with music critics and those who had listened to so many conservative-sounding records that they craved something entirely different. 

As the number of rock records available on the market grew, so did the public’s appetite for figures who had strayed outside of the norms of the recording industry. 

Tales of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd or Brian Wilson’s unreleased Beach Boys albums made for entertaining stories. Recordings of Daniel Johnston, The Residents, or Devo bootlegs became sought-after collector’s items.

Black Hat’s Favorite Place sounds like outsider rock. It sits somewhere in between cult music and tunes recorded by someone convinced of an imminent extraterrestrial invasion. It’s steeped in its own myth even before you get a chance to learn who’s playing. And the song is strong enough that it warrants repeated listens. 

Justin Sconza - No Real Place to Go


Black Hat - Favorite Place




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