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Black Keys reluctantly reunite for new album and single “Go”

The Black Keys relase sinle Go ahead of their new album "Let's rock"

If the Black Keys’ new video for the song “Go” is any indicator, it’s gonna take a lot of give and take to mend the bridges between the group’s two members. In the video Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney undergoing various forms of therapy meant to help them reconcile. They respond by cussing and punching each other, before a vision appears before them. Deeply intoxicated they both glimpse a mountain of cash laid out before them.

The Black Keys are indeed back after a four year absence. And, the group’s delay in releasing a new album and their near demise as a unit is the press theme this time around. But, what about the music?

Sideprojects and cameos have kept the Black Keys busy

Fans of the garage rock and old blues styles of the Black Keys have few reasons to worry. Early indicators suggest that Auerbach’s foray into production and his numerous cameos for other artists are coming in handy. Early singles show the group in good form, rocking rather lamenting, and with some of the best production values to be found in modern rock.

The bLack Keys set on releasing new album "Let's rock" (Image courtesy of Warner Music)

The new album is titled simply “Let’s rock”. It’s the kind of title one might expect from a band midway through their career and going through the motions. But, some will be surprised, it is the Black Keys picking at their strengths and doing it playfully enough so that a wonderful time is guaranteed for all.

Clearly, the Black Keys are in no mind of taking themselves too seriously this time around. The front cover of “Let’s rock” features a pulp magazine sketch of an electric chair..

Lo/Hi, Eagle Birds and Go have already been released. The latter of which also features the return video previously mentioned. The songs have been a big success, owing more to their sense of fun and excitement rather than a detailing marketing strategy.

The thing about the Black Keys, and about garage rock overall for that matter, is that just when you think you’ve heard all the songs you’re likely gonna need from this genre, a new song, not much different from any of the old ones, appears and remains stuck unto your listening preference for weeks on end. This is likely because garage rock unlike other genres is at its best the sound of pure spazzed out excitement. When you add some great production behind it, you may endup with the Black Keys. And for those reasons, a new Black Keys album is always a welcome arrival.

Rating: 7.5/10

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