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Black Pistol Fire’s Level sways in and out of garage rock and southern boogie

Black Pistol Fire

Garage rock duo, Black Pistol Fire, have released the single Level, a song whose sound swings hard amid fuzzy guitars and vocal phrasing. But it’s the song’s melodic appeal that may earn the band a hit, finally.

Black Pistol Fire have been a mainstay of garage rock playlists since 2014. But despite the fact that they’ve had a run around the tracks a few times, the duo’s enthusiasm for energetic, boogie infused rock, doesn’t look to have waned in the slightest.

Their most recent single, Level, once again courts the attention of rock fans accustomed with the garage, bluesy, indie punk variety of bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The White Stripes, or the Black Keys. If the song is meant to tease a new album release, and perhaps, a push towards the top of festival bills, then, surely, there are many who are likely to be interested.

Once they do make the leap, the real focus will be on consistency and a back catalog that can support this kind of show. Luckily, the band has been secretly toiling away, and already seem equipped with a number of potential crowd pleasers for the indie disco fateful raised on the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and early Kasabian.

The band’s southern rock influence is more prominent than ever, with Kevin McKeown’s gliding through rhymes with vocal inflections reminiscent of Chris Robinson of country rock revivalists the Black Crowes. The  blast of noise made by the guitars and drums (courtesy of Eric Owen) is ,as  always, reeled in just below a level of total, uncontrolled chaos. The Stooges clearly continue to have numerous disciples, but the sheer excitement of many of the bands playing fuzzy, garage rock, sustains the excitement of this sound.

Black Pistol Fire may not yet belong to the halls of fame of some of the bands previously mentioned here. But, with several strong albums under their belts, and a prospective exciting release on the horizon, there is no reason to judge them as being in any way below that level.

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